Thursday, March 6, 2008

Q&A for Your Debt Consolidation Loan

Can you really say that you know everything about debt consolidation loan? This article provides answers to the most basic questions about it.

If you have been in dire need of funds to pay your debts for a while, then you may have probably heard of a debt consolidation loan. It is basically a process of availing a loan so you can use the funds to pay other kinds of loans and even your credit card bills.

Just so you do not go wrong consolidating debts, here are answers to the common queries about it:

1. Why do you need to settle for a debt consolidation loan? There are many benefits that you can derive from such loan. With it, you can obtain much lower interest rate for your mortgage. You will also be able to remove the debts that are considered to be unsecured or those that have very high monthly payments attached to them. Consolidating debts will also improve your poor credit rating as you can already pay almost all of your outstanding debt.

2. How much does a debt consolidation loan cost? How much you are going to pay will largely depend on the loan provider you have chosen. There are some who can offer you lesser transaction costs, as they can offer you free consultation for you. Others may also pay the closing costs on your behalf, provided that the amount will then be covered by your monthly repayments. There are also some who can charge you with all of the costs associated to your loans.

3. What are the things you need to consider when applying for a debt consolidation loan? Before you decide to sign one, ensure first that you have clear idea of the following things. First of all, know the fees for your loan. As much as possible, you must stay away of companies who are only after of large commissions out of your loan. It could also be wise if you can already determine the fees you will likely pay even before you start accepting their option for consolidating your debts. Another thing that you have to remember will be the interest rate. Usually, a good interest rate for is the one that appears lower than that of your credit card. Otherwise, you may not have the capability to pay off your consolidated loan. Third, identify how many months or years do you have to pay off your loan. The interest rates and the payment terms can determine if you can save some money with your debt consolidation loan or not.

4. Can consolidating debts affect your credit score? This will clearly rely on your lender and how they are going to treat your loan. That is why you have to make sure that before you proceed with the debt consolidation loan process, you already know the kind of effect it has on your credit rating. The ideal loan is the one that can improve your credit rating by getting rid of default payments.

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