Friday, February 29, 2008

An unsecured debt consolidation loan can help salvage bad credit

For most people who suffer from a bad credit history record, a debt consolidation loan can prove to be a blessing. One type of such loans is the unsecured variety that helps even more.

When it comes to getting rid of existing debts, nothing works as well as a debt consolidation loan. However, even amongst the range of loans in the market, the unsecured type seems to work the best in salvaging a poor credit history.

What it is

An unsecured debt consolidation loan is essentially one which does not necessitate the need for any collateral. This is unlike a secured loan which requires you to show some form of collateral like the house or some such asset. This can prove to be a great relief for someone who is desperately trying to get out of debt and happens to have a poor credit history. However, while this can be a boon, it also comes along with certain drawbacks.

Higher risk

The very fact that you don’t need to present any upfront collateral in an unsecured debt consolidation loan makes lending institutions perceive it as a high risk venture. Hence the resulting interest rate on the loan is definitely much higher than what you would ideally pay on a secured loan type. However, as a borrower, it is up to you to negotiate and bargain to try and extract the best possible interest rate out of the unsecured loan.

Consolidating multiple payments

If you are currently steeped in debt, then chances are that you must be paying high amounts on multiple liabilities. Outstanding balances on credit cards as well as existing loans etc. can eat into your finances. Hence in such cases, an unsecured debt consolidation loan offers you a way of consolidating all these multiple payments into a single payment. This saves you the hassle of remembering due dates for multiple bills and allows you to remember details of just one single payment each month. Plus usually since interest rates are much lesser than regular liabilities, you save much more.

Multiple interest rates

One other drawback with having to pay multiple payments is that you also need to keep track of different interest rates. While your credit card outstanding balances might have a certain interest rate on them, the loans may have another interest rate. Keeping track of all these varying rates can be a real hassle. That is why an unsecured debt consolidation loan can work to your advantage. You just need to make one payment each month with a single interest rate, which is much easier to monitor. This also saves you unnecessary worry.

Scope to improve credit rating

A debt consolidation scheme allows a person in debt to improve his existing credit history. By rectifying past patterns of missed or delayed payments, a borrower can improve on the score. If existing liabilities have a history of delayed and late payments, then by consolidating your liabilities, you are able to keep better track of finances. Plus you also get to reduce the tenure of repayment by paying off the amount each month promptly. By improving your credit score, you stand much better chances at getting other credit offers. You may want to opt for a home loan or some other credit to pay off a much needed education etc.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Six Common Mistakes to Avoid when Taking a Debt Consolidation Loan

If you want to take on a debt consolidation loan, make sure you avoid some of the pitfalls that many people end up in. Here are some of them.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan can in fact solve many debt problems. However, consolidating debts only work to your advantage if you know how to use it well. Being indebted can lead people to become desperate that they do literally anything to get out of debt. If you are one of these, you need to remember that a debt consolidation loan, when handled improperly, can lead you further into debt instead. So, here are some common mistakes that you have to avoid when consolidating:

1. Having no debt reduction plan. If you plan on consolidating your debts, you should have a debt reduction plan in mind. You will need to know how much it is exactly that you owe, and how you can possible reduce it not only for a short term, but in the long term as well. You will need to know how a debt consolidation loan can ease your financial condition, set-up a budget to cut cost and spend your income wisely.

2. Choosing the wrong debt consolidation company. Many people make the mistake of not choosing the right company to consolidate with. They tend to take their choice for granted and go for the first one which makes them the flimsiest false promises. When making a choice, you have to consider the company's experience, reputation and track record, and make sure they can provide you with a tailor-made program that suits your current financial condition and goals.

3. Not checking credit reports. Remember that your credit report is an excellent tool to help you identify what your current financial problems are all about. It will tell you which exact aspect you need to work on immediately. So, before you think about getting a debt consolidation loan, make sure you know what your credit report needs and act on it first.

4. Consolidating ALL loans. With all, this basically means both big and small. It will make no sense at all to also include those loans which are on small interest. Before choosing which debts to consolidate, make sure you take a look at each one of them and choose only the ones with high interest and leaving those that have small ones. For example, if your debt consolidation loan has an interest rate of 10% stretched out in 15 years, you may want to leave out a personal loan given at 12% over a period of 5 years.

5. Destroying the plastic. Many people think that tearing down credit cards and closing them down is a good idea to say goodbye to debt forever. However, note that closing them down can actually lower your credit score (this can heighten your debt ratio and shorten the length of your credit history). So, try not to get rid of them altogether. Instead, pay them off and hide them in a place which is highly inaccessible to help you prevent impulse buying.

6. Leaving all calculations to debt consolidators. When taking on a debt consolidation loan, never leave your consolidators in charge of your finances. Instead, make your calculations as well and see how you can solve them yourself.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Debt Consolidation Suggestions

If you are thinking of consolidating your debts, this article presents some great suggestions that you may want to consider about debt consolidation.

Let's face it; debt consolidation indeed can solve your financial difficulties in more ways than one. When you consolidate, you can reduce your monthly payments, get extra savings, and slowly ease your way out of debt. That is, if you make the right consolidation moves and is able to handle your finances well after consolidating. Here are some debt consolidation suggestions that can increase your chances of getting back into the right financial track in the most uncomplicated of ways:

1. Go for a home equity loan. Getting a home equity loan has a wide number of advantages which set it far superior from other consolidation moves. First of all, you enjoy an unmatched reasonably interest rate and the interest you pay is actually tax deductible. If you want the figures, a 15-year loan term will normally require you to pay a fee ranging from about $75 to a few hundred dollars, not counting the appraisal cost and insurances.

2. Consider cash-out refinancing. Refinancing is actually a great consolidation move. You can take out a new home mortgage greater than the amount you originally owe to pay off your existing loan. You will get a little extra cash that you can use to pay off all your debts. With low interest, you will be able to stretch your payments out and lessen your monthly payment. Note though that you are dealing with 15 to 30 years of payment, so consider whether you will actually get a better deal or you might end up having to pay more.

3. Get a personal loan. If you have a pretty good credit standing, you will surely qualify for a personal, unsecured loan. Credit unions and non-profit organizations usually offer rates that are much lower than that in banks. Expect a rate that is about 10% or more, but this is still much less than the 22% interest rate you are currently paying your credit card company.

4. Refinance your car. Many people miss out on this. If you own a car, you can actually get a secure loan by borrowing against your car as your collateral. Of course you have to be very careful when you refinance your car as you may run out of it before you can even run out of debt!

5. Negotiate for better terms. It is surprising to know that many people are not aware that they can actually negotiate with their creditors or their credit card companies for better terms. You can do this fairly easily. You just need to ring them and ask them to reduce your rates or give you better payment terms right there and then. More often than not, these negotiations will not be enough. If you are still in good debt trouble even after negotiating, then consider the options presented before.

Debt consolidation can be an excellent tool to help you with your financial health. However, make sure that you only do the right move. This goes without saying that you have to look for a debt consolidation program which is best for your current situation and financial goals, and a good lender which will let it all unfold for you.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Choosing the Right Kind of Debt Consolidation Loan

There are a good number of debt consolidation loan services available. How do you go about choosing which one is best for you? Read more and find out.

If you are looking into taking on a debt consolidation loan, you might be surprised to see that there are quite a number of different kinds of services being offered by consolidators. These consolidation services can and do solve many debt problems. Consolidating your debts can significantly improve your financial condition. However, this only holds true if you choose the right company to consolidate with and the right programs and services.

The different kinds of debt consolidation services
People taking on a debt consolidation loan have different needs and financial goals. Your current situation is most likely unique, and what you aim for when consolidating may not be the same as that of another. To respond to different needs, there are different services being provided by loan companies. There are those that guarantee you with a loan to refinance your credit card debt. There are those which help those who have bad credit standing, while there are those which does not only consolidate your debt, but improve your current credit standing as well. These are only among the various types of services available today.

With all the different kinds of services to choose from, which type of debt consolidation loan should you get? Well, there are obviously a lot of services out there in the market today so choosing a debt consolidation loan to go for is prove to be a difficult decision. However, you can start out with a clear understanding about your current situation and your financial goals, both short and long term. It may be a good idea to check out your credit record to check the gravity of your financial mess. From there, you will be easier to figure out what kind of debt consolidation loan is best for your needs.

If your concerns are not too urgent, you can choose a service that aids in getting rid of credit cards you own that are unnecessary. Most people consolidate their credit card debts in order to get low interest rates instead. Simple as this is, you can actually save quite a good amount of money which you can in turn use to repay your debts and avoid those huge interest rates.

On the other hand, if you are unfortunately caught up in a desperate financial situation, you can get a debt consolidation loan that is designed especially for those with bad credit standing. Most lenders have special programs for this. However, expect interest rates for these programs to be slightly higher. Even if this is the case, the rates are still significantly lower than what you need to pay for with credit card companies and private lenders.

Good debt consolidation companies are willing to assist you in choosing the specific kind of services that suits your needs. They should provide you with a program that is tailored for you and provide you with a detailed quotation for you to know what to expect. Remember that the primary concern of the company you consolidate with is to help you get you out of debt in no time.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Choosing the Right Debt Consolidation Company

Thinking of consolidating your way back to financial stability? Your first step should be to look for the right debt consolidation company.

If you want to get your finances straight and be back in the stable financial path through debt consolidation, it is very important that you choose the right company. It is only a good consolidation company which will be able to understand your situation, improve your finances and have the ability to truly help you with your financial mess.

What is most important with choosing a good company to consolidate your debts with is doing your own research. There are a wide number of companies out there insisting that they offer the best deals in the market. Take note that no one can really tell which one is best except you. It is then your responsibility to make the right choice by comparing the services and rates being offered by the different companies in your area.

What factors must you consider when choosing a debt consolidation company? Well, first of all, you should find one that has a good track record. You can ask trusted friends or family who has had the same experience. You can also visit online forums as there are quite a number who share their debt consolidation experience online. Once you already have options in mind, your next step is to inquire and ask questions. You should be looking into companies who are ready to answer your questions with care and concern. Ask about their business history, how long they have been in the business, customer feedback and referrals, and so on. It is also a good idea to check with your local Better Business Bureau to see whether there are complaints lodged against them. If you choose your company online, make sure they actually have a physical address and verify by personally visiting them at least once.

Needless to say, you should get a debt consolidation company whose rates are within reasonable range and are within your budget. You wouldn't want to consolidate your debts and end up in more debt. If the rates in the market are too high, you may want to consider non-profit organizations instead. You have to be forewarned against companies who charge you without even asking about your current financial situation and your particular needs. Remember that a reliable debt consolidation company will never charge you anything to check your current condition and suggest you some programs which may solve your financial problems. Reputable companies also do not charge you for quotes that are most suitable for you. This can actually be advantageous on your part when shopping around for a good company.

The best thing for you to do is to find a company that will be able to give you a tailor-made debt consolidation program which will meet your needs and be within your financial means. Try to look around for as many reliable companies as you can, then narrow your choices down to one which you think is the best and most reasonable choice. Once you have chosen your company, maximize their services and work with them. Remember that debt consolidation is an excellent way to straighten all your financial problems, but it can only work if you make the right decisions before plunging in.

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