Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Debt Consolidation Suggestions

If you are thinking of consolidating your debts, this article presents some great suggestions that you may want to consider about debt consolidation.

Let's face it; debt consolidation indeed can solve your financial difficulties in more ways than one. When you consolidate, you can reduce your monthly payments, get extra savings, and slowly ease your way out of debt. That is, if you make the right consolidation moves and is able to handle your finances well after consolidating. Here are some debt consolidation suggestions that can increase your chances of getting back into the right financial track in the most uncomplicated of ways:

1. Go for a home equity loan. Getting a home equity loan has a wide number of advantages which set it far superior from other consolidation moves. First of all, you enjoy an unmatched reasonably interest rate and the interest you pay is actually tax deductible. If you want the figures, a 15-year loan term will normally require you to pay a fee ranging from about $75 to a few hundred dollars, not counting the appraisal cost and insurances.

2. Consider cash-out refinancing. Refinancing is actually a great consolidation move. You can take out a new home mortgage greater than the amount you originally owe to pay off your existing loan. You will get a little extra cash that you can use to pay off all your debts. With low interest, you will be able to stretch your payments out and lessen your monthly payment. Note though that you are dealing with 15 to 30 years of payment, so consider whether you will actually get a better deal or you might end up having to pay more.

3. Get a personal loan. If you have a pretty good credit standing, you will surely qualify for a personal, unsecured loan. Credit unions and non-profit organizations usually offer rates that are much lower than that in banks. Expect a rate that is about 10% or more, but this is still much less than the 22% interest rate you are currently paying your credit card company.

4. Refinance your car. Many people miss out on this. If you own a car, you can actually get a secure loan by borrowing against your car as your collateral. Of course you have to be very careful when you refinance your car as you may run out of it before you can even run out of debt!

5. Negotiate for better terms. It is surprising to know that many people are not aware that they can actually negotiate with their creditors or their credit card companies for better terms. You can do this fairly easily. You just need to ring them and ask them to reduce your rates or give you better payment terms right there and then. More often than not, these negotiations will not be enough. If you are still in good debt trouble even after negotiating, then consider the options presented before.

Debt consolidation can be an excellent tool to help you with your financial health. However, make sure that you only do the right move. This goes without saying that you have to look for a debt consolidation program which is best for your current situation and financial goals, and a good lender which will let it all unfold for you.

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